Reskinning B/X Classes.

This is lots of fun. I’m inspired by Jack Shear’s Devilmount class re-skins. No need for mechanical adjustments. Encourages constructs, undead, and furries. Roll once for each, and you’ll have a pretty distinct setting. Here you go!

Halfling: 1d6

  1. Anthropomorphic koala bear.
  2. Anthropomorphic skink with chromataphores.
  3. Anthropomorphic rat.
  4. Animated puppet.
  5. Part sand elemental.
  6. Undead street urchin child.

Dwarf: 1d6

  1. Terra Cotta soldier.
  2. Anthropomorphic badger.
  3. Anthropomorphic wolverine.
  4. Anthropomorphic beaver.
  5. Skull golem (made of skulls)
  6. Anthropomorphic psychic mole.

Elf: 1d4

  1. Weak lich.
  2. Unicorn centaur.
  3. Orialchum construct.
  4. Anthropomorphic cat people.

Fighter: 1d4

  1. Anthropomorphic bull.
  2. Spirit that bonds with armor (can transfer).
  3. Revenant.
  4. Animated statue.


  1. Anthropomorphic frog.
  2. Wire golem.
  3. Anthropomorphic raccoon.
  4. Anthropomorphic octopus.

Have some fun with this.

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