Fan Favorites

I put up a list of over a dozen games I was willing to run, and asked my players to state their preferences. They could put 3 with their most desired, 2 for the runner-up, and 1 for every game they’d like to play. They could put -3 for the game they really did not want to play, -2 for a game they wanted to avoid, and as many -1s as they wanted for games that did not interest them.

Include the caveat that I gotta follow the muse or none of us are happy, but I wanted to know what they wanted to play as a group. And that way they could see how the overall group felt about different games.

I got a response from 7 of my 8 players.

“Crumbling Epoch” games got voted off the island–hard. Devilmount came in at -3, Dyson’s Delve at -2. “Axes and Anvils” was in the negatives too, with -2 for a new clan and -1 for Grundleforge. They have only played twice, and they are much less invested there than in other long-standing games. People vs. Creatures was all-negative too, with a Monster of the Week game at -1 and Grifton in PvC at -3. Again, new games.

Damned by faint praise were the Fictive Avengers (2) and Awesome Isles (2). Setine, a Fictive Hack game in the World Between, only scored a 3. I was surprised that the Breathing World proposed sandbox scored higher, with a 4.

Jockying for the top slots were Daggerford, a guest GM’s new game we’ve played once, at 7. Tied was Grifton Masks, which is a grim and brutal noir city of supernatural intrigue. Its popularity was a surprise to me! That would be a new game, and Daggerford has only been played once.

The top two slots were the Sleeping Goddess quest in Fantasy Masks with 8 votes, and Lottery Dungeon in the World Between for Fictive Hack with 9.

My plan is to do Lottery Dungeon in a big roomy arc, then have a break with some Daggerford for a couple weeks, then switch over to Sleeping Goddess for a couple weeks, then see where we are.

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3 Responses to Fan Favorites

  1. Very interesting and surprising results. Our weeknight gaming group is also putting together campaign concepts to vote on. I’ve only heard back from one player so far. Anyway, toss us some updates on your sessions when you get the chance.

  2. fictivite says:

    All my session updates after play are posted on the “games” tab, here.

    I’ll keep you all posted on how the gaming goes! My group should be arriving soon for tonight’s excursion…

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