Simon Forster Maps!

The inimitable Simon Forster sent me some maps in the mail! These are too good to keep to myself, so I’ve scanned them in to share, both as .jpgs and also collected into a 2 page .pdf so you can control printing and so forth better.

Simon also just won “Best Religion” in the One Page Dungeon contest, so that’s pretty cool. And here is some more of his great work!

Thank you Simon, for thinking of me and for mailing me such great maps and scenarios. You are awesome.

Simon Forster Maps 5.13

Check out the Horror of Fang Rock!

The Horror of Fang Rock, SF 5

Also, in case you need a lair on the fly, and perhaps some wilderness menace, Simon has you covered.

Lair by SF 5

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2 Responses to Simon Forster Maps!

  1. Nice! I just yesterday came across Victor Wyatt on Google Plus. He uses a similar style and has some fantastic maps posted.

  2. That Horror of Fang Rock map is one of my favourites. I was going to add colour to it originally, but I felt that would have spoiled it. Glad you like them.

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