“Crumbling Epoch” art

Crumbling Epoch NameplateI have been working on pictures for Crumbling Epoch. Rather than post them one at a time, I encourage you to check out my Deviant Art album that has my ongoing Crumbling Epoch work in it.


One note: I realized that these pictures are all too thin. The computer I use to make art has a setting that makes everything look wider than it is. So, before I end up using these pictures, I’ll be pulling them out like 20% wider.

Other great news for Crumbling Epoch: I’ve got some really cool people helping with a thorny graphic design problem, fleshing out a race, copyediting, and other necessary tasks. This is going to be a great book featuring the contributions of a few of the cool people I’ve met online since I started this blog on July 4 two years ago.


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