Crumbling Epoch is coming.

Crumbling Epoch NameplateI’ve got the sample of play done. For text, I’m waiting for a foreword and a reformatted pocket mod sheet section. Also, I will not re-paginate the Wampus Country spell supplement until I’ve got all the pictures in.

I need 2-3 pictures for the spell supplement. I decided to add a picture to the example of play. (You might think that drawing a giant hornet attacking two women who are wearing plate armor, one with a sword and shield and one with paired axes, is easy. If so, let me know, I may have a commission for you!)

I have 2 big pieces to go; the cover, and one after the region generator with a tantalizing view of a ruined city on a mountain. I can send it to my copyeditor without those in it.

My home group does not want to play Crumbling Epoch. I am not able to get online with a good enough connection to game. So I’m putting this game together and I have only tested it by typing through the adventure, putting in the rolls and interpreting results and seeing how they do.

What do you think about Crumbling Epoch coming out?

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