Simon Forster Accentuates the Lottery Dungeon Setting

In Simon Forster‘s Lottery Dungeon, he notes that there is a Lost Temple that the DM can flesh out if the characters wander that direction.

Well, my Lottery Dungeon characters have been itching to go to a city to get at some things that will not be available in a tiny oasis off the beaten path (unless they hire and trust purchasing agents.) They decided to go on a road trip!

I figured I would harass my characters with bad guys based out of the Lost Temple–and I didn’t need to map it out, because look what I got in the mail!

Lost Temple, SF 6In case you forgot where it was, the reverse side has a map too:

Oasis Environs SF 6.13Well, the characters don’t know about the setting yet, but they’ve had a few steller clashes in the desert badlands (including slaying a dragon!) You can read about that here if you want.

Thanks to Simon Forster for being a thoughtful multi-media friend! I look forward to seeing him update his Lottery Dungeon document, now with a map of the Lost Temple.

I populated it with Narlathian Drow (pale and evil elves who worship a spider goddess) and their thralls, as well as a badass desert dragon. What would you put there?

Hey, don’t tell me; here’s the map, go stock it and inflict it on your group!

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