Meet Dr. Reginald Topleaf, Esq.

LL_char_sheetI have been playing permissive games too long, it seems. It was a real eye-opener to use the character generation method and end up with a character who was, net, -3 to attributes. Also, -1 to hit in melee and at ranged, with 1 worse AC, and -1 on saves against magic. A whopping total of 2 hit points. I mean, that’s broad-spectrum suckage. Even if I do hit, I am -1 damage!

Plus, as a necromancer graff, I cannot wear armor or use any weapon but a dagger (and I hope a staff too.) As a necromancer, I get no spells at all until 2nd level.

At least I can carry a gun. Sure, it only does 1d6, and my unarmed neck attack does 1d6; but my unarmed neck attack requires me to be close enough to be killed, and also is -1 damage for my strength penalty.

Erik Jensen is going to run a race involving riddles next month, play by post. This is the character I made for that effort. When I think “race” and “riddles” I think “low mortality” so I figure this guy is probably just fine. I love the idea of a graff, and a necromancer graff, and I suppose I can get behind the idea of taking a useless git adventuring. =)

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2 Responses to Meet Dr. Reginald Topleaf, Esq.

  1. That is quite impressive. And also why I like point build character creation…

  2. fictivite says:

    You find out a lot about a system by making a character, that’s for sure.

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