Crumbling Epoch

Crumbling Epoch NameplateCrumbling Epoch is released! It is free, “pay what you want” recommendation $5.

I would have posted the game on my blog, but this “pay what you want” idea is really attractive to me. Also, I hoped to put both the hard copy book and .pdf together on one site, but there are problems with that so far. More news on the hard copy may follow. Do please let me know if there are problems with the download.

Here is the description to inspire you to really want this game!

The gods have left, magic has been reinvented when the old powers burned out, and humanity has survived multiple extinction-level events. There are five classes, including humans touched by the divine, and weak-blooded vampires called Thirsters. Fighters can focus on weapons and armor, or reflexes and style. Wizards use their life energy to fuel their potent magic. Anyone can use armor and weapons in this dangerous world.

This simple game has 12 pages of rules, and the rest is support. There are no attributes, one saving throw roll, and damage-reducing armor–a whole new flavor. Here you will find all you need to run a dungeon crawl without a DM, all on a 2 page spread, for 2 settings! Quick-start tools for a campaign world include a region generator, a religion generator, and a unique monster builder. Several examples of play help grasp the new rhythm of the rules. Finally, each class in the book comes with a Pocket Mod character sheet, so a quick-start game has sheets for the players with rule summaries and class-specific information!

Other fine writers contributed to this game. The appendices include three classes to allow play in Jack Shear’s Devilmount, along with his essay explaining Lumpen-Ones. An adapted spellbook from Wampus Country, based on Erik Jensen’s work, expands what spells wizards can find.

Crumbling Epoch can be played on its own, but it is also compatible with Dungeons and Dragons B/X monster stat blocks and treasure. The game plays very differently, but it can allow you to re-use those old modules and have a completely new game experience.

Go have a look!

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7 Responses to Crumbling Epoch

  1. I just purchase this on RPGNOW, but there are no download options. It sounds great, I can’t wait until I get the pdf.


  2. fictivite says:

    Thanks for emailing me, I hope that temporary solution works out for you.

  3. fullerena says:

    I haven’t been keeping up on my RSS feeds lately, and saw the DTRPG release as I was scrolling through – it looks like it’s down, though? I can’t find you or this item anywhere on DTRPG/RPGnow.

  4. fictivite says:

    Yes, I was having technical difficulties and contacted RPG Now. Here is an excerpt from the latest email:

    “At this point, though, tech services hasn’t been able determine exactly what went wrong with your product listings. Until we can resolve the issue, we turned your product off so that nothing else can go wrong with ay customer orders.

    “Once we fix the problems, we’ll be sure to reactivate it and update any previous customer orders so they have the right file(s).

    “Sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience.”

    • fullerena says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. I suppose I’d better subscribe to your blog so that I find out when it’s back!

  5. fictivite says:

    It is my humble hope you will find it worth your while. =)

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