Can’t shake Crumbling Epoch

Crumbling Epoch NameplateMy muse has latched on to this little game and really wants to work it. I thought it would be enough to get the book out, but apparently there is more the muse wants to push through on this project.

I am still working on “Conquering Niles Hill,” (as seen with the fountain effects and the terrifying bestiary so far.)

In the meantime I have also started poking at making a free accessory to make it easy to play “The Caves of Cormakir the Conjurer” by Fr. Dave in Crumbling Epoch.

I have the adapted bestiary done, and I also have the new playable classes converted. All I need for that one is to comb through once looking for possible magic items that need conversion, and an essay or two on some stylistic things. And art. That’s going to be the big part of this one that is still left; I want to add pretty pictures.

I plan on the adaptation of the Caves supplement to be free, and the other complete module (Conquering Niles Hill) I will charge for. Both of them offer support to Crumbling Epoch.

By the end of the weekend I should be pretty much done with my freelance projects, and these will loom up in my mind’s eye. Which is goofy, since my game group is veering into another game system altogether for the next span of play.

My muse and I have a deal. I don’t tell my figmental squirrels (they are my muse) how to run my creative life, and they keep up the good work of giving me inspiration.


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