Crumbling Epoch pick-up game.

Crumbling Epoch NameplateOn Saturday, I had a couple friends over. One thought it was game day (and it wasn’t) and the other’s spouse was working with my wife on a photoshoot for their newborn. There I was with a couple friends and some free time–and they were willing to give Crumbling Epoch a shot.

So, rather than sending them into a large environment (since there were only two of them, and even with henchmen, that’s iffy) we did a series of one-off encounters, basically showcasing combat. Since in Crumbling Epoch I give out 100 experience per hit die defeated, that means for two first level characters they needed to take out 20 HD of critters, which we did.

After supper, one player left but another was available, so we played a bit more. So three of the people in my game group got to try it out. I am building a critical mass towards enough interested people to run this a few times on Fridays, and that’s good.

What were some of their general reactions as I questioned them about the system afterwards?

  • The stance system is not complicated, but it allows some choice in how vulnerable to be. Combat is more tactical than trading hits, but not really complex.
  • Scaling power up without scaling complexity up is great.
  • Fighters are simple, tough, and awesome.
  • Alternative healing mechanics through thirsters are a good time.
  • Level-draining undead are still scary–being able to parry and keep them from hitting you is a great advantage, much appreciated. Instead of hoping the DM doesn’t roll high, you can fight defensive with armor and shield and fend off that deadly touch.



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