Monsters vs. Mecha Game

pacific-rim-fightHave you watched a certain movie with monsters and robots fighting, and thought it might be cool to play a little game based on that action?

Here is a free game I designed to help you do just that. The rules are 3 pages, and in case it gets confusing, I’ve also included two examples of play.


Monsters vs. Mecha Sample of Play

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2 Responses to Monsters vs. Mecha Game

  1. That is a very nice little game!

  2. fictivite says:

    Edward, thanks, glad you like it!

    I tried it out last night. Needs some touching-up. One fix to add right away is to give +2 frame rating to all monsters.

    I’ll put out a tidied up tightened up version later when I’ve had a chance to play it some more.

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