The deception of infiltration.

Help me out with this, OSR folks.

Room keys put various forces in various rooms. However, it seems to me that more often than not, one of two scenarios unfolds: the characters probe the position and withdraw, or they raise the alarm and face the massed force of a faction in a corridor or room.

I do not seem to have a situation where a few critters at a time hit the party; even savages will mob up and face off if they have a chance, attacking en masse rather than being picked off a few at a time.

What am I missing? Why would you not note where people tend to hang out in a room key, maybe, on  the off chance there is infiltration–but plan for confrontation at a few choke points all the time?

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One Response to The deception of infiltration.

  1. Tim D. says:

    Yup. This is exactly the way I see it. I don’t do much with dungeons for the exact same reason. I remember this exact situation playing out everytime we played Keep on the Borderlands in fact.

    If you were a humanoid hanging out in your cave, and someone attacks through the front door, why wouldn’t you gather the rest of your crew and attack the party?

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