Twelve Questions from the Octopus

12 Questions from the Octopi Lord:

  • What is your favorite villain you ever challenged players with?

A Deceiver, in Chill. He made up a book that looked like a “How to Run Your Cult” and, as an old sage, slipped it to the party with instructions to stop the cult. They dutifully learned magic and followed the breadcrumbs, only to learn he was prepping them with training and experience to be his hit squad to attack other supernatural monsters and assure his safety and dominance.

  • What is your favorite organization behind wrong-doing in your setting?

So many! One great one is the Pices Collective in my modern game; turning the pact with the Deep Ones and coastal villages into a multi-national high powered corporation. Human trafficking, safehouses across all the continents, and a massive operation to make deep one hybrids.

  • What is the most interesting location you ever staged a battle in?

Well, recently we had a fight in the World Between, the Scavenger Lands, a 6 legged colossus rose from the sands with a bone city on its back full of harpies, vampire wizards, and such; a mobile army. The heroes snuck through the creature’s innards and got to the heat sink (with air interchanges, cooling planes sticking out up above, and so on, right over the creature’s heart), then kept the harpies and wizards off their crew while they managed to collapse the heat sink. Overheated, the titanic monster fell and sank beneath the sands once more.

  • What is the most interesting chase scene you ever had in a game?

A city state with all guns outlawed, hyper-kinetic PC agents had cybers next to their hearts that allowed them to be teleported out to beacons in the city, or pulled in to the lab under the city hall. They got in a big chase with illegal gun-runners. When you and your motorcycle are teleported out to various locations, and you can be yanked back in a moment, the tactics for using motorcycles to stop trucks can be intense. One guy ramped up, in the air with the motorcycle turned it sideways, and teleported out as the bike crashed through the windshield and took out the driver. Another guy was shot with a shotgun, teleported out with the incoming buckshot, it peppered the back wall of the lab as he rematerialized. Good times.

  • What is the most evocative scenic location you have used in a game?

Detrius of dimensional debris along the membranous wall of the Deep Umbra, as the characters left the White Ship and tried to break into a dimensional shambler’s lair to rescue a friend.

  • What is the most interesting one-of-a-kind unique monster in your games?

There was a city state based around the resting place of a red dragon, and all the nobility claimed to be descended from him; the ruling line were all sorcerers. Palace servants were kobolds. From time to time he would wake up and check on the politics, eating anyone who he found annoying. He would also wake to defend the city state if it needed the help. Then he’d go back to snoozing beneath the city. Far as they knew, he was the only red dragon in the setting.

  • What is the most tantalizing artifact, relic or tech you have ever used in game?

A suit of armor and weaponry built by a mighty shaman who distilled the energies from the weeping of angels and thousands of blood sacrifices so it breathed viciousness, misery, pain, and death. When the good-guy-turning-bad-guy got this suit on, he was delirious with delight at his ability to mow through foes.

  • What is the most world shattering thing a player has ever got up to in your settings?

Drow stole a powerful artifact from a wizard, and promised to give it back if she would go to the depths of a shadow fortress and open the door there, and leave it open. She fought through the abandoned fortress full of shadows and such, and the grating assembled itself into a metallic dragon shape; she blew it up, and left the extraplanar door open and unguarded, as per her instructions.

  • What is the strangest death of a character in game you have run?

A bard was born a candidate to become the avatar of a goddess. She became the avatar, power growing in her until it was too much for this plane, and for a time her personality and experience shaped the goddess before fading into the background of the cosmic divine like all the other avatars.

  • What is the most intriguing challenge, trap, or non combat obstacle in your games?

The unknown angle. NPCs lie to PCs all the time, and try to get them to handle dirty work. PCs who get all righteous and steam ahead and kill the bad guys and liberate the good guys and move on are rare in my games; it is seldom that simple. My players have learned caution, and the value of a few uncomfortable questions.

  • What is most interesting ability or character option you have added to your game?

There is a long list. I would say one of my favorites is clerics of the bat god; he hunts vermin and hates those who create victims, so his clerics are gifted to intervene and prevent those situations, or clean up after them. These clerics tend to work with those who can shapeshift into bats, who are also gifted by the bat god Chiros.

  • What is the strangest mash up or weirdest system hack you have made in gaming?

I run a setting that has cybernetics, costumed vigilantes, heavy mythos overtones, shapeshifters, wizards, ninja, pirates, and so on, all in an anachronistic art-deco city. That’s pretty weird.

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