“The Road Home” Axes and Anvils adventure

This is an introductory adventure I did for Axes and Anvils. I sent it to Mike on September 17, which was three weeks ago. It has not showed up yet as an update on the Kickstarter site, so I am not sure it will.

There are two cool things in this .pdf. First, a mountain path generator for any dwarf roads that are lightly traveled or abandoned. This can be fun for dwarves, sure, and also for anyone else on the road in the mountains. Swap out the monsters and the generator works fine, system neutral.

The second cool thing is a demonstration of how it works, with a pregenerated stretch of mountain path.

I accepted the challenge of writing an introductory adventure for Axes and Anvils. Here is the root of the challenge; the players and DM just went through the process of making their characters and their clan in a highly collaborative way. The characters and clan have personality, motives, and history. What kind of generic adventure do you give a group like that, capable of fitting into any just-generated background with minimal finagling?

Well, traveling home brings in elements of moving towards the clan, wonderful cliches of dwarves roaming the mountains, and a chance to glimpse the grandeur of dwarven stoneworks (even in ruin.) Any sturdy warriors of the clan could be sent to run diplomatic errands. And, the errand can be customized to fit the history, or randomized, both paths easy for the DM. I think this is a winner.

Mountain Roads, AnA

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One Response to “The Road Home” Axes and Anvils adventure

  1. Logan Knight says:

    Alex Schroeder just shared this on G+, it’s really good stuff.

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