What is next?

I’ve been working away on Crumbling Epoch. Behind that in my current mental queue is getting Fictive Hack ready for Breathing World.

Seems like it is time for me to notice something shiny, and wander off after it.

How about science fiction? I got in on the Stars Without Number bundle, and it has some great stuff. Got me thinking.

I could do a science fiction setting based on some pre-laid groundwork. First, I like this for a frame. This could be an interesting starting point (and yes, they are compatible.)

Death Shines on the Fornia Moon. rough draft 1

And, both of those are compatible with monsters in space; aliens mixing with humanity to create something like vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and anything else I care to dream up.

Some of my players are a bit weary with Fictive Hack, Crumbling Epoch has not caught on, and they are pulling towards some of the game systems I did before I started blogging–back when I did more complex work, on a larger scale, before I started trimming it down. Some of my players are weary of fantasy, and want to try out other genres. (All my games are a bit horror, but there are always flavors mixed in with it and a variety of settings.)

On Friday we finished up the Lottery Dungeon campaign. I’ve got games planned through November. I had a plan for December, but I’m mulling over whether I want to change that plan.

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