Edge City ascendant.

Today is my first day back from my trip. This afternoon we played Edge City. And we had an absolutely great time.

I can finally say that the toxic stew of despair, resentment, helplessness, annoyance, and stress that swirled around the game is flushed out. The players that remain faced dangers, and mysteries, and they had a great time. They are reminding me why I love this campaign and this fictional city.

They took some information to an ancient vampire, who rewarded them richly. They used a combination of a tracer on the car, and surveillance from an overhead dirigible, to follow an armored car to see where the mysterious young woman inside was headed–they cared, because the darkshells (xenomorph Aliens) in the sewers treat her like a queen, and she visits them regularly enough to be traced by the characters. They were pursued and gunned down by Hunter Killer airborne drones that destroyed their dirigible, and they escaped. Their sentient robot with a human sheath of skin tried to cover their retreat and got trapped, but his partner managed to mirror step in and pull him out to safety before he was caught. Not only do the PCs care about him deeply as a friend, they do not want the technologists of the city to get a look at his positronic brain–as a learning machine, he has gained true sentience and perception of the supernatural, and that could be bad in the wrong hands.

They talked with their contact in the Pocketers, a group of shamen that manipulate dimensional doorways. They gave gold bricks to their contact with the Brotherhood of the Road, gypsy style anarchists, to get the gold turned to cash (and one of the characters donated his share to them, as they are his friends.) They consulted with an arthritic old man in a specialty travel agency on the nature of Enochian and Gnostic glyphs used by the Order of St. Michael. One character got a new servant at his new house, both of them gifts from an ancient vampire that lives on an island in the river that cuts through the city. One character took whiskey to a sort-of-homeless vigilante, and found that the characters’ recent defeat of a ninja clan has freed up the pressure on the vigilante council in the slum–job well done.

All that happened in about 3.5 hours.

This game is pretty great.

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3 Responses to Edge City ascendant.

  1. I’m going to have to look into this game. Sounds like my kind of weird.

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