Arkham Horror: Bat Villains!

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been working on another Arkham Horror conversion. Rather than posting it in small groups that then have to be tiresomely perused by you all, I’m going to dump it all in a single blog post for easy reference.

I am developing fifteen Batman villains. Joker is a Mask of Nyarlathotep (sure explains a lot, doesn’t it! With the chaos and mystery!)

I have a single page of rules for this “expansion” that includes how to use hired thugs, how to stage heists, and how to evade the law. Heists run up the Terror Track, but can score useful equipment and money. They can also be used to escape the asylum or jail!

I have five of the villains done, and the house rules. So far, I have Joker, Harley, Croc, Two-Face, and Penguin. I’m finding pictures to use for their markers, but at my table we’ll be using HeroClix.

So, that’s why I’m quiet and what I’m up to. Lots to look forward to!

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