“Death on Ice” Played in Italian!

I am delighted to share a link to this blog post. The subject is “Death on Ice” for Crumbling Epoch. Here it is according to Google Translate:

Last night there were two players in the group ( so we were “only” in 5 ), and we decided to postpone the adventures in the Realms of Middle of the next week and after evaluating the options we had decided to try to play without master , using the ‘ Death on Ice adventure .

We have created on the fly five characters ( two warriors , a wizard, an adventurer and a mystic – using the rules of the house ) and we split the tasks : a player pulled the five d6 to determine the form and content of each room, another drawing the map , and another pulled on the tables of contents ( danger , treasure and other features ) .

Overall, we enjoyed a lot. We made two expeditions between the tunnels beneath the glacier . On the first attempt we got out without losses and with some treasures , retreating to heal from the wounds . At the second, however , due to a collapse of a sheet of ice , we lost two characters. Their death was not useless , however , the three survivors were able to share the treasures and go level up!

What worked :

The division of labor makes the content generation is very smooth and does not bother anyone .

The die – oracle has added a lot of fun and has effectively avoided the feeling of playing a board game .

Death on Ice provides an original setting ( the tunnels of a glacier ), which is well represented by the special rules on the cold , and the series of monsters, treasures and dangers theme .

Players : play without master all in all it means that it is up to players to contribute more than usual to make the session fun and to ensure in particular that is not just a fight after another.

What did not work :

The map : although pleasant to look at and very quick to generate, the map that was created by the big shots has the limitation of being completely divorced from the content of the adventure , so much so that none of us looked at during the exploration .

Language: Death on Ice is in English and to maximize space is written in telegraphic style , so during the session we had some doubts of interpretation.

Improvements ?

Translate tables before using Death on Ice or Warrens of the Diggers Murder or whatever you want to use can be a good idea to avoid doubts and delays.

For anyone who wants to try to create adventures without master , Death on Ice and Warrens of the Murder Diggers are two models starting excellent . The only flaw is the lack of relations between map and content and consequent uselessness of the map and the choice of a direction or another . This problem could be solved by making the tables a bit ‘ more complex (or simply expanding them or creating more) in order to create a system of clues and advances that allow the determination of displacement that are at least partially motivated : if we go north probably we will find monsters but also more treasures to the south maybe there is something unique to the west seems less dangerous.

I posted a reply (again using Google Translate) and here is the English version.

Thank you for trying out my method!

The map can be important if you are strict about movement rates and checking for random encounters. The further you travel, the more likely trouble will find you. Also, having a place to rest that can be protected from random encounters (like a room with only one exit) can be important. It is useful to have a place to rest.

The map can have features that make a more vivid background for the adventure. This helps players imagine more exciting situations.

Do not worry about making interpretations during play. The method is to provide structure and inspiration. Even when the instructions are clear, it is good to improvise and interpret. I agree that translating ahead of time is useful.

You suggest giving players clues about which way to go to find more monsters or treasure. I see a problem because the players have no way to know where monsters and treasure are. A possible solution: make tables with different weighted content for different “zones” and let the players choose a zone to enter.

Thank you again for trying the game!

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