Updating game reports.

I have finished the first set of 8 Arkham Villain pieces for Arkham Horror. I need to adjust my .pdf to double-side the stand-up markers, then it will be done. Also, I’m thinking some playtesting might smooth it over.

Anyway, in the meantime I have been working to update my game reports. My ambition is to have them up to date by the end of the year. I’m missing one here and there, and the last three of the Lottery Dungeon game. I think it is doable. In the meantime, I’ve finished and updated a number of them on the Games tab.


I understand that readership online generally does not find these interesting. They are interesting for me. By the end of the year, I will have adventure reports for two full years of gaming. That’s neat now, and useful to look back and get information on recent sessions to inform future sessions. That will be even more neat in five years. Or ten. To look back and see what I was doing on a weekly basis in 2012 and 2013 and 2014. Yeah.

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