Ultimate Dice Tower!

As a part of a bundle on RPG Now, I got the Ultimate Dice Tower. Building objects out of cut, folded, and glued paper is not a natural activity for me. I normally build ideas out of typed, printed, and collected papers. I was won over by the charm of the idea, and by the really lovely textures and colors, and by the simple instructions. So, knowing I had some time coming up during Christmas break, I put this aside and planned to build it then.

Yesterday I got this printed on cardstock for $15. (It would assassinate my wimpy home printer, and also look terrible.) My wife bustled about in her old craft supplies to help get the materials like knives, glue, cutting mat, and so forth. I hunkered down to build a dice tower.

These pictures are taken from my new Dragontouch tablet, and I am still figuring out how to take better images. But finally I can get pictures onto the internet, so I’ll not complain loudly. This is my new dice tower.

tower 1 tower 2 tower 3 tower 4I think it is adorable!

There are inserts that go in front of the gate, so you can make drop-roll tables with an upright reference (there is a great one included in the package for randomizing a dungeon, another for randomizing hit locations on the body). And a blank one! I think I’ll photoshop it up and make one for use during Arkham Horror. I originally decided to make this because of Arkham Horror, to help “enthusiastic” rollers keep their rambling dice contained.

Anyway, I wanted to share my project. My sincere admiration and thanks go to the Fat Dragon Games team for making something so accessible that a craftophobe like me could make it in a short time! That’s not easy to do. I think their scenery is neat, and if I played with miniatures on the table I’d be making those up next. As it is, I am happy with my tower. If I decide to build another one down the line, it’s nice to know I still have the template, so it would just cost supplies and labor.


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3 Responses to Ultimate Dice Tower!

  1. Tim D. says:

    Nice! I’ve pondered on making one of these, maybe this will push me over the edge…

    Glad you like it. I’ve done a number of projects from RPGNow with their various paper models. Trees, houses, and a ship are my big events. But I did them stuck at a school away from home for a couple months, just haven’t had the time to get back at it since.

    Can’t tell from the resolution, but it looks like the edges are still white. If you go over the edges with a Sharpie or magic marker I think you’ll be happy with a more finished look.

    Where did you get the cardstock printed? My poor ink jet was not happy with my cardboard modeling….


  2. fictivite says:

    Good point on the white edging. I started working on that with a marker, but it was too old and dry. I’ll take another run at it later.

    I used a local print shop. If I supplied the paper it was about $10, if I used their cardstock, $15. That’s for, what, 17 pages. I figured the dice tower was cheap–but not free. I would much rather pay to get good looking end result and not diminish my home equipment. I got the bundle for other things, but if I had paid for the .pdf that would have been $7 plus $15 plus anything I didn’t already have for supplies (cutting mat, straight edge, exacto knife, tough scissors, cardboard base, glue, markers).

    The real test is coming up; does it hold up under sensible use?

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