Draft of Arkham Horror Wedding Party

When my friend got married a year and a half ago, I put together the bachelor party. Since he is an Arkham Horror fan, I made a “wedding party” of fourteen playable characters–roles involved in a wedding. (No specific people, mind you.) It was maybe 3/4 ripe, and I’ve let it sit in the background, unfinished. We used Precious Places figures, rounded out with Heroclix where necessary. (The Bride’s Ex Boyfriend was played by Bane, the Minister by a ninja.)

I am working on putting them into the Strange Eons software, and drawing thumbnails for each one so they can have proper standups. I did twelve of the pictures today; that pretty much dried up my drawing juices. Still, I want to share some of the art before I present the whole magnificent .pdf, so here you go!

Wedding Party WIP

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