“Arkham Villains” on New Year’s Eve

logoI had some friends over on New Year’s Eve and we played Arkham Horror until midnight. We tried out the Arkham Villains set, with Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, and Croc (who was devoured and replaced with Harley.)

Oh… it was fun. In some ways you really take the power back. You can buy thugs at unstable locations, depleting porches of loafers and institutions of janitorial staff. Then you can show cavalier disregard for their safety by shoving the thugs towards slavering ancient horrors, and they scream terribly as they “take one for the team”  and you skate by unscathed.

If you are accustomed to having unpleasant encounters in Arkham, fret no more! You can ROB THEM. And that is unreasonably entertaining.

We won a few minutes after midnight, by closing all the gates and having enough gate trophies on hand to shut down the threat. It was a great romp. The villain set has a few rough edges that I can address when I merge it with the second set (yay for 16 villains!) but I think it is a lot of fun even if players need to make a few interpretations on corner cases as it stands.

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