Kickstarter Update

Back in September I posted on my experience with Kickstarters. Almost four months later, I was surprised to see that I have actually backed four more Kickstarters! Three of them together are $66, but the big dog is the Reaper Bones for $125.

  • Doublesix Dice. For $16 it is worth it to me to get some super-cool d12 dice that generate 1-6, and also some that generate 1-4, because triangular dice annoy me and the d12 feels pretty great in the hand. I’m gambling low, so if it doesn’t work out, I will not have to tear my shirt and cry out to the uncaring sky.
  • Ryuutama. Travel is frequently part of my games. Finding elements to make travel more interesting is worth my attention. The game as a whole looks interesting, especially to a GM who has little ones who will need an introduction to role playing that is simple and not focused on violence. I already have a draft, so this one has already paid off and the rest is gravy.
  • Reaper Bones II. I gritted my teeth and let the pretties of the first one go by. But it actually fulfilled, and was an incredible deal for some incredible miniatures. This time I just could not let it go, and so I leveraged my birthday and spun dreams of the possibilities to get my wife on board. When I get this, I will make some board games. And I will also have enough miniatures to do all sorts of interesting things.
  • Stab City! I do not understand playing card randomizing for role playing games, just not a vibe I grok. Still, I’m curious, because often the greatest grist for development is in the things we do not understand. Also, I really do think it would be cool to do a hack of this game for the Awesome System when it’s done, so it is good to show my support and get a copy. I am concerned, however. I don’t think this one is going to get developed in the next six months, maybe a year. Silence approaching deadlines is not a good sign. Still, I’ve got a draft, so that’s good.
  • Domains at War. Should be good.
  • MAJUS. Got what I wanted.
  • Obsidian Portal Reforged. Regrets, regrets, regrets! They changed the interface! I really dislike the new Obsidian Portal. They changed a tool I used constantly into something I really struggle with. Now I am faced with the decision of what to do going forward; do I keep trying to use the platform because I’ve got so much campaign information there, do I start over elsewhere, do I give up on my online presence for my campaigns? Tragic! Their success is tragic.
  • Rise of the Drow. This will be cool.
  • Tavern Cards. Slow, slow, slow. Hopefully it will come out here in the next couple months. Annoying delays. No big deal.
  • Creature and Encounter Decks. I got all I pledged for and more, color me a happy camper. For people who ordered other decks, some are grumpy. Eh. It was a great Kickstarter for me.
  • Axes and Anvils. Glad I was only in this one for $10. Funny story! Towards the end of funding, Nystul was playing fast and loose with new rewards and such. He offered a bestiary for the game, for $10 more for the .pdf. I thought it over, and wanted the bestiary, so I put in $10 extra in paypal. Then backers pushed back (because he didn’t think this through ahead of time) and he said the .pdf would be free as a bonus. I asked for my $10 back. Other backers were rude to me, flabbergasted that my pledge was so low and that I would not want more of the goodness on offer. But Mike gave me my $10 back, and I appreciated it.
  • Dwimmermount. Yeah, I’m getting pretty excited. I think the final product will be a lot cooler than what Maliszewski would have made, and I believe it will arrive eventually. I am grateful to Autarch. If it was not for them, I’d have pretty much nothing for this investment. Even if they stopped now, the .pdf with art and layout and such has a lot of material.
  • Random Dungeon Generator. I was rewarded far and away beyond my expectations on this great Kickstarter.
  • Dungeonmorph Dice. This one was significant for me, because the extras were something I wanted more than the actual product; I’m still using them on a pretty frequent basis. And playing with the dice has been something my son and I have done since he was very small, so these will always remind me of that time in his life.
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3 Responses to Kickstarter Update

  1. Ryuutama – I’m interested to see how this comes out. It’s definitely a break from the usual D&D-derived fantasy games.
    Reaper Bones II – Yup, waited the first one out and regretted it. I’m in for this one.
    Domains at War – Didn’t back it but ACKS is growing on me and I’ll likely buy the published product. More interested in their next product: the Auran Empire setting book.

  2. Makamo says:

    If I were the sponsor of a Kickstarter project, I would value a good review from you. You try to find the positive in every project, and when that is not possible, frame the negative with constructive comments.

  3. fictivite says:

    Makamo: =)

    Ed: I have picked up a number of game products to see how they handle mass combat, and so far not one that feels quite right to me. At least this one is very historically grounded by people with a simply terrifying attention to detail, designed to zoom in and out of character level and mass level. =)

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