Mounted and Bristling

Here’s a little window into the re-started fantasy game we played Friday (and will play all this month.)

I want to tell you about their mounts, and then include a little campaign information. The mounts are the main thing, for any tl;dr visitors.

The mounts in this area are boars. The biggest guy has to sort of kneel/sit on the backside of the hump of their biggest boar, who he named Sir Stanley. The boggie (halfling) has a kneeling howda with a foot rail on the back of her boar, named Piggy. The others straddle the back of the hump and hold on to the handles near the hump’s ridge, hanging their gear around the front of the hump. Their mounts are Cannibal, Murderhobo, and Luau.

They had a battle on the dwarfroad. The boars were frightened at first by the big monsters, but the boggie coaxed one into helping with the battle, and they wiped out a couple monsters then led the charge to relieve the rest of the crew. She chose the biggest, Sir Stanley, and she crouched on his head with her deadly javelin. He leaped at foes, adopting her as a weapon and thinking of himself as the murderous narwhal of boars as she gripped his face and stabbed at their foes. It was pretty amazing, how they bonded.

Now, a little on the world. The main force of civilization in the world is the Dracolithic empire, scaled people in symbiosis with dragons. In most places humans are a subservient population to the dracs. They do not have dragons, or other races soldiering for them.

The campaign started in the Brodlian Freeholds, a sort of peninsula separated by mountains from the empire, that won its freedom by being too troublesome to bother with but not threatening enough to smash. We have left the Freeholds to go to the Subrekt Peninsula, another area the dracs just didn’t bother with long-term.

In this area, civilization and trade look to the sea, and defense looks to the land. Trade is by ship. Sure, there are a couple settlements and such inland, but the dwarven empire that used to be there was smashed by an army managed by summoners who animated or summoned masses of troops. The dwarves won, then lost, as is frequent with brittle empires; it was the post-war strains that did them in. But all that was long ago.


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