Portraits for Crawl d6

I’m redoing Crawl d6 with a new visual style, increased streamlined clarity, and a .pdf package with everything you need to play except dice. Who knows? I might even put in some dice.

Here are some portraits. The idea is that if you want black and white line art, that’s possible to print and prepare. If you want full color, print and prepare that. If you want grayscale, print the color version in black and white.

These are to be system neutral head shots of dungeon-delving party leaders: I’m looking for maximum appeal for most of them, with some outliers. So, what would you like to see? Inspire me with ideas from outside my echo chamber! Here is the style.

I would describe these as:
* Sneaky muscled barbarian thief guy
* Attractive unarmored ginger lady in profile
* Yelling bald guy in chainmail

What would you recommend?

crawl d6 portrait wip

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3 Responses to Portraits for Crawl d6

  1. mike monaco says:

    I’d want an elf in a green hood (which could be green in color, so it kind of covers rangers/wood elves and wizards, and elves are unisex so you can get a lot of use out of that!); a hooded-and-masked figure (which might be a thief, assassin, etc.); a chubby, curly-haired halfling/Friar Tuck type; and a bearded dude in a hood (which could be either a wizard/druid type or a dwarf of either sex!). Maybe that’s too many hoods…

  2. fictivite says:

    Mike, thanks for checking in! Great suggestions. The goal is interesting to me because I’m trying to cast a picture that is both distinctive, and able to bear many different assumptions cast upon it. I imagine this is a goal miniature sculptors embrace as well. I’ll work on those suggestions.

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