Cowboy Bebop fan fiction: Restless Requiem

bebopSome years back I wrote a piece of Cowboy Bebop fan fiction for a good friend of mine who was quite the fan (and introduced me to it.) I thought it was time I shared it with the readership of my blog. This story has the classic elements of a Bebop tale. Enjoy.

The slightly hoarse voice had a wry tinge of mixed experience. His narration punctuated the flashing images; shooting, a chase, starships flashing like jewels in a void, the solid determination on a young woman’s face, clumsy space suits staggering down a dark corridor.

“This next episode is about bringing back things that were lost. Only you can never really come back. Nothing does. Sure, you can make it move again, you can see a shape you remember. But that’s not the same thing. Sometimes you just have to accept your losses, and move on to make something new. Some people don’t understand that. Of course, some people don’t understand that just because you can turn anything at all into a weapon doesn’t mean you should. Stay tuned next time, for Restless Requiem.”

Restless Requiem

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