Grifton Play by Post

So I played a “play by post” with Joe. He took on the role of a private investigator brought in from out of town to help figure out what happened to a missing library employee.

Grifton, LIFTING CITY FOG BY JOHN BARRATTJoe didn’t mind if I shared the adventure as it unfolded. So, if you want to skim through a creepy adventure in a shadowed city, here you go.

The Rented Librarian (text)

I like play by post, with some reservations. My main problems with it involve the sense of keeping an eye on the notifications button all the time, not wanting to be the one to slow down the game; but, you aren’t gaming in real time, so hours or days might pass depending on who you are playing with. It is also difficult to include multiple players, that just underscores the timing issues.

I do like getting to write stuff out, and being able to review it later, and getting to play something I won’t get to play at my meatspace table any time soon. I like sharing the world with someone who has never been there. I like that sense of anticipation for the next thing.

Overall it is too strung out for me to want to run another adventure. I did have a good time with this one though! Thanks, Joe; if you had not been willing to play then I wouldn’t have gotten to either.

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2 Responses to Grifton Play by Post

  1. m.s. jackson says:

    I am currently running three Play by Post games using G+. One player really grabbed it by the horns and we are having a smashing time. One player…didn’t really take to it. And I just started a third one. I am using these as a playtest for a new system (OSR stylized) I am messing with.

    So far I am really enjoying it and hope to continue doing it.

  2. fictivite says:

    (I am posting this here; Joe posted it on G+, but I don’t want to lose track of it.)

    I’ve been meaning to write up my experience playing +Andrew Shields skin of Ability Score to do Horror. First I should mention that Ability Score ( is by +Brent Newhall and is a 2 page rules set using the idea of Ability scores from D&D using a resolution mechanic based of 2d6 + Modifier. The system is stream line and fun. This was my second game of Ability Score.

    Andrew ran it as a play by post in town of Grifton a setting of his design. This was only my 4th play by post and the first two just didn’t work well for me the third I ran using a parsley game and went okay. It was here on G+ so that helped keep me coming back and paying attention to the story advancement. It took place over a couple of weeks and in the end I was happy my character survived. The Town of Grifton was creepy and strange place. Andrew did a good job of playing of my natural paranoia. I was expecting everyone to screw me over and kill me by the end. I look forward to returning to Grifton again. As for Ability Score if your looking for a simple system to throw together a game I suggest you give a look. If somebody said they were going to run a game using it I would play again.

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