Commissioned Monster Pictures

As usual, if you want more of my art, you can go to my deviant art page.

Each of these pictures is to specified sizes, with the request for no backgrounds (to make layout easier) and grayscale. Individual descriptions are under each picture.

Special thanks to John Stater, who has secured my services for making these pictures! He has also given me permission to share them. Go check out his blog!

racoon trickster

“A halfling sized raccoon drinking from a cup of cider with both paws–looks tricky, but not really evil.”

blot w

“Blots are monsters composed of shadow. They look like irregular black spheres, with large, red eyes (angry eyes, of course), and a large, wide mouth full of white fangs. Tendrils of varying lengths hang from the bottom of the monster’s body. It moves by flying or levitating a few feet above the ground.”

bhoot w

“A bhoot looks like a human in a long white robe. The monster looks haggard, but not dead. The robe is worn to hide their feet, which are turned backwards, and to hide the fact that they actually float about one foot above the ground.”

I just love the scary face on this one. Detail:

bhoot close upSo, thanks for hiring me to draw monsters. I love it!

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