Sauce Packet

I have not posted much on the blog lately, mainly because I have an assumption about the investment of my readers. I assume my readers want to drop in, get something useful for a game, or fun to look at, or thoughtful, then flit on to another flower. Like butterflies.

I have been working on Crumbling Epoch. I will not post draft after draft here. Dropping in chunks of what I’m working on that require the rest of the game to make sense does not seem like it would appeal to my readers.

I have also been tinkering with my Gothic Trek setup. Again; I do not think that would be interesting to you, especially since I want to try it out and knock some of the rough edges off before sharing. Who knows when I will choose to thrust aside my other games to insert a new one?

And, I’ve been fooling around with my Masks system, which I KNOW is not going to be interesting to the casual visitor. (No matter how cool it actually is–it requires a period of buy-in and some investment of learning curve.)

As for actual game reporting, I have been faithfully posting game reports on that tab, but that doesn’t go in the posting stream (and I don’t think many if any of my visitors care about the adventure reports.)

I have ingredients, and bottles, and dishes of sauce, but nothing distilled down to a packet to share with you.

It has been pleasant, in the past, to overestimate the interest my readers have in various forms of my projects. Now I begin to understand how stuff I think is SO COOL can be “meh” at best with many readers.

I believe it is okay to have a bunch of unfinished stuff dangling on a blog, but I also get how it may be frustrating that there are so few things on here I consider finished. Even the most finished things, I tend to look at them and try to suppress my embarrassment, deciding I’ll feel better about it when I revise and re-release it. Of course, my process is always in motion, so that embarrassment tends to creep back in.

Hm. Maybe I should have a separate track of “stuff development” for things on the blog, instead of reflecting what I’m working on.

It would make my day if someone wanted to read the massive superpower fiction project I have posted here. For a good starting point, check out this one. (I figure you’ll be hooked in 25 pages or less of a digest size file; try it out!) If my blog does nothing else, an online home for this project is WORTH IT. If you like super-violent fight scenes, complex emotional relationships, and vivid description, all sprinkled with witty banter, this may be the read for you.

Still. I am doing neat game stuff, and more of it will be forthcoming.

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