Near Death

Here is a charming game I was working on a year ago. I ran a single play test, and it turned out I needed to do so much work on it (and it was not an immediate hit with my players) that I shelved it. Maybe I’ll return to it later, maybe not. In the meantime, I have decided to share the draft with you.

The idea is that your character is near death; in the moments or years between being incapacitated and full final death, the soul has gotten loose and is wandering beyond the world. Here are the basic rules.

Near Death 3.1.13

So, with those rules in place, there are lots of places that a soul could go. I envisioned working up some kind of post-apocalyptic setting, a hellscape, something  based on a Hindu reincarnational cycle, and so on. Basically any subverted trope of the afterlife would do, and for one-shots or campaigns you would have lots of flexibility.

The setting I developed for the play test is Garden City, which gradually reveals itself as a Shadow of Eden. Humans control access to the Tree of Life, while the shattered remains of a demonic and an angelic army fight a cold war through the noir streets.

Garden City 3.1.13

If the playtest had gone better, I probably would have pursued this further. As it is, the project remains on the shelf a year later and will likely remain there for a good while. So I thought I’d show you my work so far. Enjoy the flavors!

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