Grifton, City of Shadows

Grifton is a setting that distills all my fear of cities and infuses it with supernatural evil. I started using it around 1995 or so, and I have run many campaigns there with different groups. It started life as a city for Vampire the Masquerade, but it has hosted lots of different kinds of games. If I get back to running it next year it could have a 20 year anniversary. Huh.

I am thinking about doing a system-neutral sourcebook for the city. But I think about lots of things.

Here is the core, the nucleus. This document has the broad strokes of the city’s history, followed by descriptions of neighborhoods with some interesting locations added. It concludes with a map.

Grifton Gazetteer 1.14

The document is not written to grip the reader, but instead to be a resource for someone interested in the city. For the one running the game, the gazetteer is layered, and builds upon its own references, and marinades in the skillet of the map. This city does not give up its flavor all at once.

This description makes the city noir and awful enough without supernatural influences. But I know what they have been. This city is spooky enough on its own without anything superatural. That’s the best setting to attract further evil.

The city has given up hope. It is ideal for anti-heroes; the regular type tend to vanish into its endless concrete corridors without a trace.

foggy city by Anastasia Glebova

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