Crumbling Epoch, Dyson’s Delve, I

Saturday an intrepid band took a crack at Dyson’s Delve. Four characters, three were level 3. They are agents of the Consortium, who is trying to get cozy with the mountain arcology that makes firearms. The characters were trained in firearms, and given pistols (heavier caliber) or automatics (lighter caliber, more bullets). They went in the side tunnel, to attack the cult of the night demon.

After distracting and ambushing the guards, half the group dressed in their plate armor uniforms. They followed the long, long tunnel to get into the temple. There, they tripped the gong alarm going in. No big deal, except one of the guys in the barracks poked his head out to see what was going on. He raised the alarm, and the crew split into a couple pairs, one for each door, to bunny-fu-fu anyone poking a head in.

One pair fought three tough veterans one at a time in the barracks doorway; one fought, the other carefully aimed and popped off gunfire at the other team (who could only engage one at a time in the doorway.) They killed three veterans, and if there were other survivors, they hid; going into the barracks, the pair pushed bunk beds in front of the two other doors into the barracks to protect their flank.

The other pair fought some armored acolytes supported by a harpy with a magic spear, who fought from the second rank and used her screeching to keep the terrified acolytes in the battle. The crew used gunfire and melee weapons to defeat the acolytes and peg the harpy with a shot to the chest. They collected their magic spear, then closed the door with giggling glee, waiting for someone else to open it.

The defenders poured oil under the door, the crew lit it. While it was burning, the stonish (part man, part stone) kicked the door open and charged through it, the fire curling off his tough hide.

He encountered the Vicar, with another 4 veterans and a few acolytes. Also, the Vicar brought along a big stone living statue with a crocodile head. The statue snatched him and tossed him over to the massive group of armored warriors, then it reached through the doorway to get the others.

The crew downed the statue with repeated gunfire, while the stonish battled for his life against overwhelming odds. The stonish was chipped down and battered into submission as the rest of the crew grunted and strained and herniated themselves pushing the statue out of the doorway so they could rescue their friend.

They were too late; the stonish could surrender or die, he surrendered before his friends came through. They fought, and the Vicar (himself a lightbringer) enjoyed savoring the pain as he drew hit points out of the invading lightbringer by forcing him to smite to stay alive.

One of the crew won free and fired repeatedly at the Vicar, who sent a veteran over to hew him down. The stonish broke free and managed to avoid the veterans trying to cut him; he squirmed past the dead statue in the doorway. The others managed to disengage and follow, so three badly wounded members of the crew escaped leaving only one corpse behind. Their only loot was a magic spear.

Deciding that entry was just too difficult, they rested while scouts from the arcology looked for other ways in and found the two up top. After a couple days to heal up, they headed to the top entry.

They caught one sentry by surprise and killed him, seeing they were stickers; like child-sized walking sticks. The other two escaped down the spiral stairs, the crew in hot pursuit.

The crew hesitated to charge into the dark, throwing in a torch (that was snuffed) then throwing in another to get a bead for shooting. They decided melee was the way to go, charging in. Only one sticker fell before the rest freaked out and ran away. The crew cut down their leaders, big stickers, as they ran.

The crew chased a group until they were cornered. One of the stickers, Larry, was threatening them; the others offered him up to be a guide if they could live. The crew agreed, hauling Larry out to tell them all about the underground before the next expedition.

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