FAE Jedi Session Report

I prepped some background for a FAE Jedi game. Last night, of the seven potential players I have on Friday nights, I had two. We saw this coming, so we decided it would be a good night to test out the FAE Jedi game. They decided to start out as knights; not padawan learners, but also not yet ready to try to play masters.

One jedi was extensively cybered because of battle damage in the Clone wars; he was trained as a guardian, ready to deflect harm. The other was a diplomat and an infiltrator.

FAE Jedi logo

They started out on a burning Republic warship that was going down, one of many in a climactic battle to determine the future control of the sector. They managed to escape their burning ship in jedi fighters, then they worked together to wipe out some vulture droids. After some hijinks in space, they saw two droid cruisers pounding the Republic flagship, which was trying to escape into atmosphere where they could not follow.

republic cruiser

They boarded the droid ship, evaded detection once inside, maneuvered through the infrastructure, and ambushed the bridge. Wiping out the droids and protoplasmic captain, they sealed the doors and aimed their droid cruiser at the other, forcing both down into the atmosphere to burn up over thousands of acres of soon-to-be-burning jungle.

droid cruiserThey barely got away in an escape pod, and that was their orientation mission.

The second mission of the night sent them to a massive space outpost run by Gran. Intelligence indicated a possible mercenary attack funded by Seperatists, while both fleets were licking their wounds. The Commandant was underwhelmed by a single Republic warship showing up with two jedi (and the standard military complement of fighters, and a battalion of clones), but cooperated fully. Well, mostly; she drew the line at letting them put in a garrison or surround key strategic points with clone squads.

The jedi and their clone backups did some checking around, and found a criminal who knew a Trandoshan warlord had been hired to do the damage; with about 80 IG series assassin droids, he was to take control of the station. The droids were encased in carbon fuel blocks, distributed through the station.

IG-88_-_COTFThe jedi figured out one of the docked bulk freighters had the Trandoshan ship inside; they snuck through the outer hull to the Trandoshan ship within, and found out the blocks had already been distributed. They caught the Trandoshan warlord by surprise after hearing his conversation with the incoming Seperatist droid cruiser. They sent a “deactivate” code to the IG series assassin bots (Force persuaded from the Trandoshan), and also “one ping only” from the droids so the station could easily find them.

Then they relayed the drop coordinates and timing to their cruiser and to the station, so when the Seperatist cruiser dropped out of hyperspace it ran into a hail of fire, and quickly surrendered unconditionally. The Commandant congratulated them and sent praise of them to the Jedi Council.

I mixed up the oldest and most familiar Star Wars stuff with prequel stuff and a healthy dash of my own concoction. Some of the fun things:

  • Spar Ship. Engines, a communications relay nodule, and a long pole. Deployed, it looks like a massive cigar; the pole is a gripping base for tens of thousands of buzz droids. The spar ship gets into an area, usually where fighting has already been intense, and blankets all the ships in buzz droids. One showed up in the initial battle; the jedi in their fighters managed to get around the droid deployment, and they wiped out the communication nodule on the spar ship all on their own.gran
  • Cool Aliens. A mantisoid commander for one Seperatist ship, a blob with eyes in the center and cyber limbs grafted on for another. Oh, and the criminal mastermind had Hutt genetic neuroblockers installed to help combat jedi mind control, but they rendered him obese; his chamber was next to an anti-grav warehouse on the space station, so he was at 1/2 gravity. Fun use of the gran; the Commandant of the station was a woman (Gran women have three breasts, btw) and she had communication feeds coming to her from her collar, watched by 2 eyes, and in ear stud coms. So her conversation with the jedi was usually one of seven or so, except when she shut it down for the secret discussions. The Trandoshan ship stank like a locker room, and was humid, but what beaded up on them was more like liquid crisco than water. That sort of thing. Make the setting exotic and vibrant.
  • The Force. Oh, they loved it. A boost in combat lets you do a free Force push, and they could combine their Force efforts. Is your maintenance tube escape route full of buzz droids? Force push down it and smash ’em all! A droidika unit not yet shielded? Force push it into a wall! A dozen battle droids on a platform? Force-push the survivors of your initial rush! Also, they used extensive mind control on people they didn’t trust (which was most people.)

The two players are both interested in playing again. I don’t want a table full of half a dozen jedi necessarily, but my guys were interested enough to suggest a non-Friday venue game. A rousing success!

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