How would you organize it?

The most consistent criticism of “The World Between for Fictive Hack” is that the organization is terrible. So, what do you think? How can I organize it better?

Here is the document:

Should templates for magic users of all kinds be in with the other templates, or next to the magic systems they use? Should world-building material be before character generation material? Should all character generation be together, or split into core and extras? I want to hear your thoughts! When I revise and re-release this, I would very much like to hear “It was well organized and easy to use!”

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5 Responses to How would you organize it?

  1. dither001 says:

    I’ve been developing a game system myself and I’ve looked at a number of different RPG products to get an idea of what material can/should be in the “main game book.” You have to figure that the book serves not just as a reference book but also as an introduction to the game and its setting, right?

    Let me take a look and I’ll get back to you if I have any ideas. 🙂


  2. fictivite says:

    This book is not intended to have supplements. It’s an all-in-one book. One possibility I’ve thought of is to split it out to a player book, a setting book, and a DM book.

    Even so, some things could go in any of those books; consider the templates for the Church of the Lady. They could go in the DM book to be NPCs first and PC options if allowed. Or they could go in the setting book, to show how the Church could be used in the setting. Or they could go in the player book, because they are templates that are assumed to be available.

    Would a player book be expected to have all the stuff players can use? Or would it be the spare entry level book so it is not overwhelming, with the advanced character options in the DM book? Or is there a basic player book and a spellcasting-based player book?

    I don’t see obvious answers to these questions, as far as “well organized” goes as a criteria. I organized it in a way that made sense to me, and I’m looking for more lenses and frames. =)

    • dither001 says:

      I was working from this assumption. 🙂

      An example of the kind of organization I’d look for would be LotFP, which features character creation prominently, followed by the “adventuring” section.

      What that says to me is, “here’s where you start, and here’s what you’ll be doing.”

      It might seem counter-intuitive to put “DM stuff” like traps and dungeon exploration/layout immediately after character creation (how will the players be surprised?), but I think a lot of confusion arises when that stuff is sequestered in the “DM section.”


  3. Phil says:

    I just got my copy earlier this week, and I’m looking forward to running this soon. I’m trying to figure out why Sorcha over on pg 202 has 10 spells, and how spell-casting and grimores work in general and I’m wondering “Am I just over looking something?” or “Is this even here.” and find myself wanting to turn to an index. So there that is. Personally I like having it all here in one book.

  4. fictivite says:

    Hi Phil! Sorcha has 10 spells because there are the 5 talents on her base template, and she took a grimore as a talent instead of taking the spells one at a time, so she has access to all 5 of those as well.

    My hesitation on the index is that much of what is in the book is focused on one-page segments that are laid out in the table of contents. I guess it’s the task of figuring out which words to put in the index. But it could certainly be done!

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