Murderhobo Remix Adventure!

murderhoboes cover.jpgI will now make a scenario for my Murderhobo Remix (Based on Murderhobos) using “Dungeon Dozen” by Jason Sholtis! (Check out the blog.) While the entries in the book are fun to read, I am undertaking the challenge of using them to build a game.

Fun with Charts

Since it first posted on the blog, I’ve wanted to do something with his fallen moon setting. So I’ll roll 3 times on that table. (p. 81) Assume everything on the table is true of the setting, where the moon drifted into the earth, but pick three things to be relevant for this adventure.


  • Demesne of the currently inert moon god.
  • Molten pool of space gold.
  • Anaerobicitites: photon eating plankton of the moon.

I will use “How the Gang Got Together” (p. 77). Brought in separately by constabulary for a variety of petty charges.

“Haunting the Skies” (p. 76) because it caught my eye:

  • Unidentified flying discs: actually bioluminescent aero-mollusks.

Now, there are 5 pages of the index, so I’ll do 5 rolls to pick a page, and scan until I see an entry I like. Then roll on that page’s entry. Here are the results: DDcoverRPGNow

  • A colossal ancient UFO is anchored to the mountaintop. Inside are colossal spacemen inert upon their jump couches, and they may be revived by lightning bolt defibrillation.
  • Antediluvian relic: a disintegrator/reintegrator cannon, huge wheeled device that stores dematerialized creatures and objects for later deployment or permanent deletion.
  • In the base town, there is compulsory singing of the national anthem/fight song thrice daily, and the spectacle-addled society is addicted to staged giant monster combats.
  • A monster: hypno-jelly, it is demi-material and can pass through solid matter.
  • Magic sword awesomizer: shrieks obscenities in an ancient language, timed to disrupt the attacks of enemies.

I am always looking for excuses to use other peoples’ neat maps, so I’ll use this one from Kevin Campbell (trimmed WAY down because murder hobos have no patience) and this one for the base town, which is a fort that the locals took over (“cleared out”) and settled.

What can I do with this?

The Back Story

Eight months ago the Varna moon crashed into the world. Everything is still under a vast cloud of dust. An entire continent was slain. And their neighbors waited until the massive waves stopped raking the earth, and they climbed in their longships and sailed to investigate and see what loot may have fallen out, or what glory there was to be had. (A very Viking vibe.)

A few factions brought enough followers to found settlements. One of these was the temple of Lodron, God of the Moon, patron of lunatics and night-fighting. The PCs are among the number of settlers, so they (or their families) have at least a passing nod to Lodron. Failing that, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and by the time they sobered up they were at sea.

In any case, the settlement raided a fort built into the pale, dusty surface of the moon. Most of its inhabitants were killed in the crash, but there were massive horse-sized plankton that were relatively tame (or stupid, anyway) and ate light. It took no time at all for the enterprising settlers to fit them with saddles and domesticate them.

High Priest Farnum has sent three expeditions to the saucer embedded in the mountain above, and none have come back. All the volunteers have gone. So, now Farnum is making volunteers by making public service compulsory for all those who transgress against the rules of the community. That edict was put in place last night, and by this morning, the characters have fallen afoul of it.

Now they are sent up the mountain on leggzes (the nickname for the plankton) to see what they can find out, assess threats, steal what isn’t nailed down, and so on.

The Adventure

First scene: they are brought out before the crowd, celebrated, the fight song sung, and they head out on their leggzes as a big thunderstorm brews in the ever-present cloud cover above. The luminescent dust of the surface will reflect the light of the drifting aero-mollusks above.

The main treasure to be had: the warp core of the craft had a meltdown and turned to space gold, which grants a “magical” +1 to weapons and adds significant value (in the primitive economy available to them.)

The main monster is the hypno-jelly. If it is slain, the weapon that slays it gets awesomized, so it is +5  to Survive rolls against counter-attacks automatically (and puts out a hell of a lot of noise.) So, the hypno-jelly is going to have that ability, yelling at them in startling ways and therefore adding +5 to difficulties to hit it. I will simulate this with the most startling bursts of gibberish I can spew at them at the game table.

As they find the pool of space gold, I’ll have lightning rip across the hull, and dramatically wake a couple space giants (more or less) for them to fight.

I will make the projector require a “know” roll of +3 every time they view or use it, and I’ll whip up some monsters to pop out.

I still need some various critters running around the moonscape, and perhaps in the craft, to round out some more battle material.

  • Screams in the distance (p. 16) are courtship hollers of feral halflings the first time, and the second time, initiates being branded in to a bandit gang.
  • Not to crowd out the other stuff, I’ll put some wild leggzes in there that startle easy, and some repair robots to battle.

So them’s the bones. I’ll see about making a polished version to share. This is how I used the Dungeon Dozen to come up with an adventure outside my normal range.

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