Fallen Moon setting

Here it is! A Fallen Moon setting, dreamed up by Jason Sholtis in Dungeon Dozen and developed for game play a bit more by yours truly. It is for my Murderhobo Remix, based on Murderhobos by Brent Newhall.

Fallen Moon

This setting would be great for any OSR game, ideal for an Old School Hack game, great for original Murderhobo, fine for any number of other rule sets.

Need a cool base town in a wild setting? Or a site to attack? An encounter area for a hex-crawl across the fallen moon? A little light reading for when you want to see neat game stuff? Well… here it is.

This document even features a map by Kevin Campbell as posted on Dyson Logos’ blog, adapted to be an underground compound on the moon that was taken over by a strange cult. That’s some good stuff, there.


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