Edge City Summit 2014

Just had three players over for lovely grilled fajita lunch and strategic discussion about a campaign. Rather than taking up game time at the table talking about prioritizing challenges and planning how to take them on, the group met to do that in a separate session. The fourth player was not invited because he’s swapping out characters, his old one doesn’t care and his new one isn’t here yet.

The players talked through delegating some tasks to trusted NPCs, back story that informs the current situations, and step by step planning to take on some challenges. Some things were moved to the top of the list, others shuffled to the bottom or left out.

I took lots of notes, as I use this sort of player thinking to prioritize my prep. When I know what they want to tackle, then I focus on those obstacles and weave it all together to be a good rousing session. While I am an excellent improv GM, there is a lot of super-powers and investigative detective work in this game, so having some prep really helps.

One of my players for that game has spotty availability in June, so we’ll play Edge City in July. For June, we’ll keep on with Fantasy Masks in Dweredell; we are all surprised at the staying power of that game with my players. I think part of the reason for that is I have not over-thought Dweredell. I put together maybe a half page of notes every two sessions, and kind of run things loose and off-the-cuff. That’s a serious antidote to Edge City, where the players have to have a goddamn summit to sort challenges and figure out what they’ll do next. Perhaps the simplicity and expectation of violence are two factors that make the setting so attractive. I will honor that by injecting violence and simplicity at every opportunity when we play there.

I will only have 2-3 players for Murderhobo Remix on Friday. My group doesn’t like one-shots, because my group doesn’t like new things, and one-shots are new things.

I will keep working on my Edge City resource document and session summaries, and on the scenario for Murderhobo Remix on Friday. Feels kind of strange right now to not be working on a rule set. That time will come around again.

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