Use Stuff.

I love the blogosphere for its inspiration and for its gifts of developed RPG stuff.

The people who put these things out WANT you to use them. They WANT you to be inspired. They are eager to see how you take what they’ve done and use it in ways they may not have expected. If they didn’t feel that way, they wouldn’t put their work and their thinking on the internet.

When you enjoy their work, you are supporting them. When you actually  use their work, that’s a validation of their decision to share.

So if people share their maps, and you find them inspirational, stock them! Use them! Share the results! When people post free or cheap game systems, think them over! Try them out! Hack them to fit your sensibilities! Share the results! When people host contests, enter if you are at all interested! Be part of the fun!

I have tinkered with contributions from a dozen or more bloggers, and that kind of tinkering enriches what I offer and is a form of gratitude for what they offer. As someone who puts things out on the blog, I can say that it feels really good when people take the time to look it over, think it through, and use it as-is or with some experimentation.

There is generosity in receiving with gratitude. You honor the gift and the giver. You say to the creator, “You inspired me. You made something useful.” That is a message bloggers love to hear, and love to see in action.

My thanks to Kirin Robinson, Jack Shear, Matt Jackson, Simon Forster, Telecanter, Justin Alexander, Kevin Campbell, Brent Newhall, Brendan S., Fr. Dave, Erik Jensen, Ian Johnson, Mike Nystul, Fred Hicks, Patrick Stuart, Rafael Chandler, Jason Sholtis, Courtney Campbell, and the countless others that have inspired me.

Thank you for sharing with me, and for letting me share with you.

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One Response to Use Stuff.

  1. Thank you for the thank you!

    Awhile back I expressed similar thoughts at the Alexandrian and went one stop further in Alexander’s Rule: If you use something awesome from a blog in your game, go back and tell the creator about it.

    Feed our egos. It helps motivate us to keep providing more awesome stuff.

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