Fae Noir Races

I got the Fae Noir .pdf in RPGNow’s 10 year anniversary bundle sale. I decided to use their versions of the fae for a Storium game. As a reference for players of that game, I reproduce them here.

Properties of all Fae.

  • They detect glamour (fae illusions) more easily.
  • They do not physically age past the point of physical maturity, never die of old age or suffer from age-related infirmity.
  • They resist some physical damage.
  • Takes fey twice as long to suffer from lack of food and water.
  • They are impulsive.
  • Cold iron hurts them more. They are uncomfortable around iron, are sick if they touch it for more than a day, die after 3 days of contact. Recover from the sickness over about a day.

BROWNIE. About 2 feet tall, about 50 pounds. Rounded ears. Darker complexions, they wear brown clothes. They like to work themselves into human society, trading work for food and a place to sleep. They must be of service to someone, or they may go mad.

ELF. Between 6 inches and 1 foot, under 20 pounds. City elves tend to make tiny cottages and fit in. Wild elves take on the traits of nature. Both are very social, and highly skilled at glamour. They take their homes and communities very seriously, and protect them with curses, tricks, and traps.

FAIRY. Still 6-12 inches tall, but half the weight, with wings (usually insect-like.) They like elves and hate trolls (who eat them.) Their social structure is feudal. They tend to go nearly nude, and use glamour to generate fanciful clothing.

FAUN. Usually 4-5 feet tall and about 100 pounds. Top half is Tuatha, with sharply pointed ears and frizzy hair and short sharp horns. The bottom half is goaty. Males outnumber females 9-1, but they can interbreed with a variety of races and are very lusty. They don’t like work, they have a temper (it rarely flashes) and hold grudges. They love most of all to romance and drink and dance. Above average musicians, and many have glamour skill.

GOBLIN. About 4 feet tall, about 120 pounds. Barrel chest, long thin limbs, big heads, terrible posture; some are impossibly hairy. They are very strong. Some have powerful glamour skill. They are sadistic. All of them are Unseelie. They are cowards who fear a fair fight or fire. They are responsible for changelings; stolen babies become goblins.

KOBOLD. About 4 feet tall, about 200 pounds. They are powerfully muscled. Not very skilled craftsmen (they resemble legendary dwarves) but they are good miners. They have a basic sense of honor and decency, and they feel close to humanity as fellow miners.

LEPRECHAUN. About 2.5 feet tall, heavy drinkers with huge personalities, loud mouths, and thieving fingers. They love to play games. They make shoes, and all of them are gifted cobblers who need to make shoes to blow of steam in their down time.

OGRE. they are huge, with no glamour capacity at all, just massive muscles and a tough hide and the ability (and inclination) to eat anything that doesn’t want to be eaten, or that holds still. When it comes to humans, they feed equally well on their terror and their flesh.

TROLL. Smaller than ogres, wiry, and capable of using glamour. They have a hunched posture at over 7 feet, and are extremely wiry and gnarled. Trolls can be far more social than ogres.

TUATHA de DANAAN. Human size, capable of tinkering with human magic but not glamour; taller than humans, more beautiful, unearthly in their perspectives and form. They are the most common that humanity will deal with. Their ears come to a slight point. Their governing structure is feudal.


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