Fictive Avengers Assemble!

Fictive Avengers NameplateSo last night I got to play with a new group; we’ve been playing board games together for quite a while, but they wanted to try an RPG. So, I recommended Fictive Avengers. They made characters, and we had a brief game. They really enjoyed it!

Cat Burglar (sizemorph expert), Sister Sunshine (super spy), and Benny the Bullet (sniper) converged on Mt. Sinai hospital in Manhattan to check on their friends. A batch of Pixellite, a new drug, went bad and hospitalized hundreds of people.

The drug makes things look and feel pixellated in real life, but worse, it implants a back door into your mind so a psychic projector can use you like a zombie. (And, Hydra was behind it sale and spread. Even worse, the drug is stolen from Latveria, where it is an experimental method of controlling human troops in battle with the fine-tuned authority that applies to robots. Did Hydra steal it? Is it a test run for something more sinister?)

They arrived to check on friends in the hospital, only to find it cordoned off by police. They snuck in, checked with their cop buddy to see what was what, and got to where Hydra was in Radiology. Two of them got shot up pretty badly, but they carried the day; they took out a Hydra dreadnought. They also took out the chair that was powered and shielded in radiology by sneaking to the floor below and using all their explosives to drop the floor from under it, so Sister Sunshine could decapitate the scientist running the show.

Benny swapped out arrows for guns (tradecraft ammo needed mini-grenade-launcher pistols) and used tradecraft and regular guns in combination through the adventure. Cat Burglar discovered the fun of growing up while punching to wreck foes. And Sister Sunshine tore up some bad guys in hand to hand.

There was just that one round, where they attacked a group and two of them just could not connect in the ambush, so the goons got to fire their fully automatic assault rifles. That was the only hiccup in a night otherwise gleefully spent in ambush and sucker-punching!

All around, a rousing success. They want to play again.

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