Storium Update

My last Storium update was pretty grim. This one is a bit better. The games I’m running are still not very amusing, but I’ve found a couple to play in that are much better than what I had before.

Flame and Darkness. At the end of June I wrote we were to the climax. And we’re still inching towards resolution. One of the players has defaulted to ignoring the plot (“My character isn’t paying attention to that. I’m deliberately misunderstanding it.”) He is also devolving to violence, trying to kill or hack his way through instead of thinking or talking–then pivoting around to try and be all courtly and loving to the other character. The other player is ignoring that violence and rarely posting very short snips of text as moves that are somewhat disconnected from what’s going on. I think they are actually going to totally ignore the plot twist I tossed in there because they don’t like it. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to discontinuing this one when we get to a good stopping point. The only question is whether we’ll get to one, or just trail off into motionless silence.

Protectors of the Crown. It’s moving, albeit at a very slow pace. I’m not sure we’ll ever reach the climax, but there isn’t much left to this story. Part of the goal was to provide a venue where people who can’t play at my game table on a regular basis can still game with each other. I don’t think the experience is matching the objective. I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll continue it with another adventure or not. I will likely take a break for a while.

Monster Hunters of Vurna Wood. They may not even reach the monster. There was a point where I think the group was considering whether or not to even keep playing, but they gamely hung in there and avoided character death. The format and setting is sound for this game, but the next monster hunt will feature a different lineup of hunters. There may be some overlap, there may not.

I do not plan to start narrating any new games (except another monster hunt). Now, this generally grim outlook on narrating games is somewhat balanced because I’ve found some fun games where I can be a player.

Better Than Life. I’m a cyber samurai in a group hired to kidnap someone. They let me mastermind the operation, I get to play a street samurai mindset, and I get to narrate some violence. Plus, it’s got a pretty fast pace, especially relative to some of my other really slow games. I feel we players have bonded some, which is nice.

There’s Something Strange. Humorous Ghostbusters sequel! I’m enjoying my fellow players, the tone is pretty fun, and the subject material is interesting. It’s a slow game, but savory. I’m glad to play in it and I think it will likely go interesting places.

Fantastic New Worlds. We are on an airship seeking adventure. I thought this one would not be boring, but I think I was wrong. I like my character, but we haven’t gelled as a group, and it’s glacially slow, so we may not.

League of Losers. I’ve been playing this one for quite a while now. I like the idea, and the players have some delightfully goofy stuff. But it’s very slow, the narrator takes liberties with our characters, and it’s kind of incoherent. I don’t mind letting other people run my character when I can see how what they do matches the character. It is annoying to be made out as more stupid than you think your character is. I hope this one is close to the end of its second arc (I came in on the second arc) and when we get to a good stopping place, I’m retiring out of it.

Anyway, I think Storium is a cool toy, a great format, and in the right hands it can really sing. If anybody wants to check it out, send me your email and I will invite you to Defenders of Eldaav, where you can make a few moves and use your account to join other games.


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