Some thoughts.

Storium: I am down to playing in two games. I’m in the wrap-up phase of running one game, then I will only be running one game. That’s a serious reduction, and I’m happier with the lower profile.

Domains At War: I got the books! They are pretty, they are well done, and they are smart. However, I will never endure all the math of actually playing the system in them. I want someone to make this conscientious work into a video game so I can shove all that math under the hood and just play the game. Seriously, it is great and I am glad it exists! But I’m not going to put that much work into having my fun.

InSpectres: Damn those game bundles and all their tempting goods! But I got to take a look at InSpectres, which is a delightful game I would like to try out. Maybe I’ll find a way to do it. At the height of lameness, the InSpectres web site no longer exists; however, a helpful netizen pointed me here, where you can still get all the supplemental stuff. And guess what! I’ll be making some of my own! Seriously though, for the exorbitant rate they charge for the tiny .pdf, they could have some non-pixellated art in there. The character sheets can’t be printed and used, and most of the art is blurry and wrecked. At that price point, there is no DIY forgiveness. None. Still, looks like a fun game!

Friday Tragedy: It is a busy time of year. All but four players bowed out of my “Lasers and Feelings” test tonight. Of the four, one was up late with toddlers who have been crazy all week, and is in no condition to play. The others all have various other pressures, and I’m weary to the bone. So it made sense to call it this week. No test of Lasers and Feelings.

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2 Responses to Some thoughts.

  1. I’ve read over Domains at War and agree on the math. ACKS is a well designed game but there’s a lot of math and record-keeping once you get to the domains and warfare.

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