InSpectres Support Material

I got InSpectres, a game by Jared A. Sorenson. I’ve been spending time with it, trying to understand how it works. Here is a sample of play I generated; it covers character generation, franchise generation, and the first two missions.

InSpectres Sample Game

I also created a character sheet and a franchise sheet that fit my own aesthetic and play style better.

InSpectre Sheet

InSpectre Franchise Sheet

GM Reference, InSpectres

On the GM reference, I included house rules for advancing the characters (in a way that I feel honors the spirit and flat advancement rate of the game.) The other house rule is to take money from the franchise between big jobs, unless the franchise invests a lot of money so they can run off the interest.

This is all preparatory to me making a more effective Cthulhu Mythos hack. I’ve made great progress on it, and I will share it when it is finished.

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