InSpectres Success

My home game group does not do story games. We play standard RPGs, even if they are almost always ones I made up. However, I wanted to give InSpectres a try. I set it in Grifton, and we played for the first time last night.

The group had hilarious fun! They were part of “Joline’s Wholistic Services.” She had a beauty parlor on the main floor, seances and a business office in the basement, and upstairs space for investigators who look into paranormal phenomenon, mostly part-timers. A police detective had a witness nabbed from a safehouse, and the police were unlikely to find her. Desperate, the detective hired Joline’s Wholistic Services to locate the little girl.

Sure enough, they did. They figured out she was mixed up in something involving fomori and twilight spiders, and they tracked the spiders to their lair in a pump house and repelled them with a spearmint/oil mix, rescuing the little girl (who was infested and hypnotized by the spiders.)

I set up the opening situation, but they did a great job of using narrative to unpack what was really going on as they made up more and more clues to find. A few of the characters suffered terribly over the course of the adventure, but that was fun too. The group quickly warmed to the idea of the “confessional chair.” It was a comedy game, and it was great.

It went so well that the group wants to play this again  next week. So, we’ll have more adventures from Joline’s Wholistic Services.

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One Response to InSpectres Success

  1. m.s. jackson says:

    I love inSpectres, probably more than any other game I have played. With the right table the game can be amazing.

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