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My game group played a LOT of Chill. Back in the day. Now there is a kickstarter for a new edition!

First, let us fondly remember the early days of our paranormal investigation game. For the first string of missions, they were lucky to escape alive. Sometimes they even hindered the plans of monsters.

By the end of our run, years and years later, the characters were… experienced. They spoke conversational Latin to each other. They were each the top of their field, some powerful spellcasters and others incredibly gifted international people of mystery. They were loaded out with skill in kung fu, weapons, driving and piloting, dead languages, magical mysteries, all of it.

And yes, I had house ruled the hell out of it to bring in the best of other game systems. I brought in the sanity system from Call of Cthulu, some of the magic and monsters from Beyond the Supernatural, and all kinds of things from books, movies, and comics.

More than the advancement of the characters, it was the transformation of the PLAYERS that impressed me deeply. From fumbling at the bra strap of mystery to whipping its concealment off in one grand gesture, these investigators knew where and how to dig up clues. The players knew the dance moves, their characters had the numbers to back it up, and they’d sort out any haunting, infestation, or monster in a WEEKEND.

So it will come as no surprise that I am excited that a new edition of Chill is coming out. I am most interested in seeing how the game accounts for the supernatural investigation elements that did not exist in the 80s; the internet, for one. Massive reliance on smart phones and tablets. Surely there are monsters that will emerge to prey on these new vectors into  human life, soul, and sanity!

To celebrate the upcoming edition, here is a list of four possible new creatures of the Unknown to harass and despoil–and, ultimately, to be defeated by investigators. This is the sort of thing I liked to hit ’em with. Back in the day.

  • Gossiper. Ghost of someone who died while texting or on a cell phone. A nasty spirit that attaches to an internet-enabled device and sends private messages to people, doing its best to hurt the one it is haunting. It cannot use punctuation or use the first letter of its last name. When you figure out who it is, send a text to the account of the person it was in life, and it will be able to move on. If the spirit can arrange for drama to escalate to the point where the victim is killed, the gossiper escalates to become a spite whisperer.
  • Spite Whisperer. This spirit is no longer a ghost; it feeds on the life energy of its victims and becomes an energy being disconnected from its mortal roots. It can inhabit any electric picture or visual representation and use it to whisper damning truth and lies to its victims. It prefers truth, the more devastating the better. It wears down the victim’s will through fear and psychic assault. When the victim commits suicide, the whisperer feeds on that energy. The whisperer chooses a blood relation of the victim it slew when it was a gossiper for the first victim, then jumps to the first person to see the suicide victim’s last media, the final image that pushed him or her over the edge. That is how it moves from then on. If it fails to kill its victim in 14 days, it animates a statue or other physical object with a face of some kind and goes for the physical kill. If that fails, then the spite whisperer is banished; the only way to destroy it is for its victim to survive.
  • Digiganger. When someone dies near a computer with a monitor that is turned on, some energy moves into the corpse and re-shapes its features to match someone who is in the contacts list of the attached machine. It does not sleep; instead, it goes into a trance with an internet connection and begins shifting biographical information and log-ins to match the new version of the contact victim; the process is slow for the first week, but then picks up speed. Eventually all electronically recorded information (like facial recognition and fingerprints, as well as medical history and so on) will match the digiganger and not the original contact victim. Contact information will adjust to fit the digiganger. As the victim moves to create new online information, the digiganger corrupts it too. To destroy it, investigators must first find out whose corpse it transformed, then delete all of the deceased person’s information on the victim (digital and otherwise.) When that is accomplished, the digiganger energy will leave the corpse, it will rapidly catch up on its decay, and electronic information will immediately revert back to numbers and passwords and so on of the original contact victim.
  • Convictor. This evil spirit merges with a lawyer while the lawyer is dead drunk because of failure in the court room. After that, the lawyer will have blackouts, up to ten minutes a day (and the spirit can save up.) During those blackouts, the convictor (who can see and hear everything the lawyer does, says, and thinks) will make promises, do politics, blackmail, and basically take any needed steps to position a win in the courtroom. Also, the convictor can cut out a living human’s tongue and smear it on a copy of information, then focus on it; the information will change, and so will all copies of it. However, the changes will only last until the now-tongueless victim dies. When the victim dies, the evidence reverts. The convictor uses this power to win victories in court, revealing its actions to its host in dreams and seducing the host with promises of success and power. If the host accepts, the only way to stop the convictor is to kill the host–then all information reverts to normal even though hosts may yet live. The spirit goes and finds another lawyer unless magically contained, or unless the host is killed in the witness stand while testifying. If the host rejects the convictor, then the host may sacrifice his or her tongue to change evidence to deliberately lose a case; this destroys the convictor.
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