Dungeonmorph Dice II is Live!

I highly recommend this project! +Inkwell Ideas put out the Dungeonmorph Dice as a Kickstarter, it was the first one I ever backed. I think this one looks great as well.

Even if the dice are just a novelty, the cards and fonts allow much greater utility in using the geomorphs. And, with the neat tray, now you can format your dice roll in a way it can be moved without screwing up the pattern. So that’s cool too.

Of all the Kickstarters I’ve backed, the only one I put more money into than the first Dungeonmorph Dice was the Bones II Kickstarter. I have a lot of confidence in the product and in +Joe Wetzel to pull it off. Go take a look!

Dungeonmorph Dice II

Want to see some of what I did with the first set?

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