Here is the updated Fictive Avengers book.

Avengers for Fictive Hack 12.14

Reboot – Remix – Replicate

You are looking at a fan project that is designed to let you play with an alternate Avengers universe.

Now you can reboot the Avengers just like their owners do; who is on the team? How are the characters adapted and interpreted? What stays and what goes? Start over with the parts you like best and tell your own story with them. Do they operate out of Stark’s repurposed skyscraper? The Helicarrier? Something else? You choose how to tell the story.

Or you can use the basic idea and create your unique version. Want a Chinese thunder god? A wealthy super-soldier playboy? A suave master spy who enjoys the challenge of espionage for its own rewards? An impoverished genius who works for SHIELD building power armor? This is your vision of an Avengers-like team. You can be as true to an official version as you like, or strike out into new territory.

If you want to stay as close as possible to the source material, choose your version of the Avengers and let your players take on the familiar roles.

For inspiration, I suggest the Marvel comic book movies surrounding and including Avengers (2012) and sequels. Also consult the animated Avengers series (2010) for more heroes and great adversaries.

Of course you can pick your own tone; darken the palette, go horror, or four color gonzo. The point of the game is to have a blast, so pick what you want to do and go for it.

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