“Into the Odd” Player reference, equipment

As I’ve noodled with it a bit more, I’ve got my “Into the Odd” initial (potential) player reference started.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I’ve put some house ruling into this. The original game should not be judged based on what I’m doing at my table! I encourage you to get the original game!

Part of the reason I’m doing this is frustration with the game’s layout. Things you only need at generation are mixed in with things you need on an ongoing basis. Rules for combat are disconnected with where the weapons and their damage are listed. DM advice is worked in with what players need to know about the rules.

Also, I’m more explicitly aiming for a WWI technology feel. That means “pistol” and “rifle” could use a touch more differentiation for me. What is the magazine capacity? Reload times? How do you deal with the full auto action of something like the Browning M2? I am not assuming everyone is going to have a lot of knowledge to share baseline assumptions on this, so I’ve gone ahead and put in some more specific information on those.

This is a first stab at this kind of document, I expect it will fill out as we go (if in fact I ever go anywhere with it.)

Into the Odd player reference

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