What Did I Play in 2014?

I played 57 role playing game sessions in 2014. Not bad. Not bad at all. Let’s break it down.

Fantasy Masks. Adventures in Dweredell. 16 sessions.

Edge City Masks. Adventures with superpowers. 15 sessions.

Fictive Avengers. Adventures with Avengers. 10 sessions.

Axes and Anvils. Adventures with dwarves. 6 sessions.

I also played some outlier games.

  • InSpectres. Adventures in ghostbusting. 3 sessions.
  • Crumbling Epoch. Adventures with my OSRish fantasy heartbreaker. 2 sessions.
  • Grifton Play by Post. Role playing on G+ asynchronously with 1 player. 1 “session” story.
  • FAE Jedi. FATE style Star Wars play. 1 session.
  • Murderhobo Remix. Lightweight tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawler. 1 session.
  • There’s a Game in this Book. Ran a session in Vornheim. 1 session.
  • Lasers and Feelings. Adventures in SPAAAAACE. 1 session.

That’s 47 campaign games in 4 settings, and 10 sessions of one-off and short-term games. I like that balance.

My main group plays Fantasy Masks and Edge City. I have a secondary group that played Fictive Avengers this year. Axes and Anvils was a special case, as all the games were part of the December playtest. So when we look at 4 main campaigns, that’s across 2 groups and with a focused playtest as one option–not so terribly unfocused.

This right here is a notation about a great year of gaming. I am grateful–it has been a pip. I look forward to another great year of gaming.

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