Perched on the Hellmouth

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has some fun ideas. In turning it into an RPG, the official response was to make Buffy the lone superhero surrounded by a gaggle of lesser mortals who have drama points so they matter to the story. That’s one approach.

A Hellmouth is a big enough threat to allow for a tougher crew to take on its threats, in my view. Let’s examine more “League of Extraordinary Monster Hunters” and less “Diva of Stabbing.” I think it would be great to take the premise of the show and staple on these possible power sets to all be in a group together.

First, the “normal” types who can have secret identities.

  • Slayer. One per generation, hunts vampires. Has a Watcher consultant.
  • Monster Hunter. Like the Winchesters or Belmonts. Armed with lore and weapons, they hunt monsters with brains and some brawn. The group’s “Batman.”
  • Dhampir. Half vampire, all angst. I’d probably treat it as an infection rather than a condition of birth.
  • Werewolf. Start out all chaotic needing help, gain magical talismans and special training to gain ever more control and usefulness as time goes on.
  • Wizard/Witch/Sorcerer/Mage/Magic User. So many flavors. Pick one or two. (For my game, NO TECHNO-PAGANS. I mean, what the hell?!?)
  • Ghost Whisperer. See ghosts, interact with them, help them find their rest. And play hell with the undead. This power of a medium could escalate to necromancy. Yay!
  • Ki Warrior. Dig deep into your Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Tekken roots. Get some hard-core chi-manipulating tough guy with supernaturally juiced combat ability.
  • Immortal. “In the end, there can be only one!” What if the Prize is the ability to detach Hell from earth forever? Or what if it’s all a trick (like the Matrix)? Anyway, you’ve got swordplay and rapid healing and centuries of back story to play with.
  • Pacted. Like in the video game “Dishonored,” chosen by the Outsider and given powers. Just for fun. To see what happens. Or alternatively a witch type with powers from a demon.

On the flip side, have a seedy supernatural underculture of pimps, snitches, gangs, scholars, and Addams Family events. They have their own subculture to tend and from which to draw supplementary drama.

  • Pet Vampire. Daawwww, so cute with the fangs tucked in. (Like Angel or Spike.)
  • Hellspawn. Got out of Hell, rebelled against sponsoring demon, will run out of energy if forced to leave the ambiance of the Hellmouth. Must cope with repo demons.
  • Demon. If the world turns to Hell, it gets all boring. Stay close enough to the Hellmouth for the heat and energy, but do everything possible to keep it shut.

People who sell their stories must beware of copyright infringement, taking care to file the serial numbers off their inspirations. But you, at your game table? Go nuts, man. Have fun with it. Pick any four or so of these types and have a great time using the energies of the Hellmouth to draw an endless supply of monsters within slaying reach.

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